Sales of contract is the branch of law of contract, which is a governing having contractual Agreement between persons and traders.

A contract is basically an agreement between two parties having responsibilities with one another.

Law of contract also has a transaction with the law of tort is also an integral part between the two above the laws. Where the tort laws usually result for the party be being liable to pay the victim monetary damages to compensate for their losses. Contract law and the law of tort have similarities, where they both deal with a performance or duty that has been breached.  In Sales of goods there is an intersection between these three laws.

Where law of sales is a contract between two parties the buyer and the seller. Thus seller sells an item for a consideration of money and the property passes from the seller to the buyer.

What are Goods? 

Goods are immoveable property ,seller able property, items, Shares, corps, commodities which include medicine, drugs, and  all the merchantable goods that are sold for the benefit of customer, it is  humanly possible to live an isolation  and every human being is likely  or liable to live in a society. Where commodities and goods in bundles and for the benefit of the mankind, seller sells his goods in market and buyer buy good. There is retail and a trade price where a distributor can purchase the item for a trade price. Every shopkeeper  or seller sells _______ at a retail price to get a margin  of  a profit , this includes law on isolation of Goods, where business transactions takes  place and there is progress in the nation, any country that who does business worldwide selling takes achieve a major portion of profit and the country become progressive .

For example – China who is no 1 IN SELLING IT IN WORLDWIDE DEPENDING ON THE QUANTITY THAT IS ASKED by the buyer. The quality and fitness of an item depends upon the monetary gain that you wish to make the more the fitness quality the better the profit to its consumers. China has ___________as a super power running parallel to US an almost in every respect for 3rd world countries they are making Goods to benefit there market because price is essence of the contract. The seller would also likes to keep wares  in selling in world , for US and European market .China will make a vast improvement in its wares  to make sure that the goods are not return for the progressive for 3rd world countries the quality is less because the demand and supply is the cause ,we have the future goods that may be manufacture or produce at a lasted date after the law of contract has been made and sign, no seller will ventures in selling his goods to the buyer prior to the contract. The specific goods have been identity and agreed upon when the contract is made \according to the colors combination, identification and the ……….. Of the orders, without the clause of price the law of contract is incomplete. Both the buyer and seller have to agree an…… and a condition that is set and after and acceptance is an important ingredient in the law of contract and are sales of Goods. Law of contract is basically an agreement between two parties based sale an agreement.

What are ascertained Goods?

Ascertained goods are those goods there are agreed between the both, the parties, buyer and seller.

  • there has to be a contract of sell
  • Payment of price has to be clearly define with its terms and conditions
  • Buyer has bought the price in installment Made of delivery of goo0d i.e. by shipment or does the seller have to delivery the goods on specific date and have charged for shipment.
  • Sale will take place when there is transfer of goods of property where there are two important people seller and buyer and simultaneously work is …….. Stating their terms and condition.

If the items there have to be send at short expiry example life saving drugs, specially care has to be done to the seller that there is no breach of contract  and the item have to be delivery as the special care has to taken with special instruction on the cover or passes good. If any trees are shift from one place to another. it follow under moveable able property  either train or trucks and the terms and condition will lie between the seller and the buyer or time of contract can we make written, there will also verbal agreement  by way of mouth. When a person enters a shops he chooses an items Checks the price and pays for the Goods this is implied understanding between both the parties at the stage buyer and seller. In his cape there is no need of a written agreement (…………………) but is a written agreement or a contract than it is more important legally to add these entire clause that would be benefit. There will breach of agreement same stage.