The governor of province may from time to time. Summon the provincial assembly to meet at such time ad place as he think fit and prorogue the provincial assembly. (Art. 109)

Dissolution of provincial assembly

the governor shall dissolve the provincial assembly if so advised by the chief minister. When so advised the assembly shall stand dissolved within forty eight hours of the chief minister advice. However, in case a resolution of non confidence against the chief minister has been moved in the provincial Assembly but not yet voted upon by it, his advice to dissolve the Provincial assembly will not be implemented. (Art. 112) A situation has arisen in which the government of province cannot be carried on in accordance with the provinces of the constitution and an appeal to the electorate is necessary.
The governor in the case of the dissolution of provincial assembly under paragraph (b) of clause 2 of article 112 shall within 15 days of the dissolution, refer the matter to the supreme court with the previous approval of the president and the supreme court shall decide the reference within thirty days where decision shall be final.