1. What are the Rights and duties of Individual under the Constitution
  2. Nature of fundamental rights
  3. What right to security of person is provided in the constitution?
  4. Write a note on the summoning and prorogation of Parliament?
  5. Write a note on the summoning and prorogation of Provincial Assembly
  6. In what financial matters the prior approval of the federal government is required, before introducing such bill in the national assembly?
  7. What is the annual budget statement and discuss its procedure?
  8. Producer relating to annual budget statement
  9. What are the financial matters which require the approval of the provincial government before introducing them in the provincial assembly? What do you understand by a money bill?
  10. How are the auditor general of Pakistan appointed and removed and what are the function and powers?
  11. Describe the constitution of the Supreme Court and the qualification necessary, for the appointment as judge of Supreme Court?
  12. Qualification for the appointment of a judge of supreme court
  13. Discuss the following jurisdiction of Supreme Court?
  14. Discuss the constitution of the high court and also describe the qualification necessary for the appointment of the judges
  15. Qualification necessary for the appointment of the high court judge
  16. Write note on the appointment of the additional judges?
  17. Removal of the judge of high court
  18. Jurisdiction of the high court
  19. How chief election commissioner can be appointed and removed from the office?
  20. Removal of the chief election commissioner
  21. The constitution of the election commissioner and also explain the duties to be performed by the commissioner?
  22. Rigid constitution
  23. Qualification, appointment and duties of Governor.
  24. How the President of Pakistan is elected under the 1973 constitution? What are his process and function?
  25. What are the qualifications for election to the office of President? What is the procedure for this election?
  26. Write the detail note on senate under 1973 constitution? Or explain the composition and function of senate under 1973 constitution?
  27. Election of the chairman and deputy chairman
  28. Summoning and Prorogation of senate
  29. Explain the composition of the Parliament of Pakistan and discuss membership, function and power of the National Assembly?
  30. Relation between the National Assembly and the Senate
  31. What are the qualification and disqualification for the members of Parliament?
  32. Supreme judicial council
  33. The Federal Shariat Court